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Why my dog eats gluten-free dog food

You may recall me mentioning my first born, Rue, a time or two. (Rue is our dog.) Believe it or not, her first birthday is coming up on April 2.

Time really does fly by as a parent.

Rue, the first week we brought her home
Rue, the first week we brought her home

Why, you might ask, am I writing about my dog on a gluten-free blog?

Allow me to explain.

When we first got Rue, my husband and I went back and forth trying to decide what to feed her – gluten-free vs. regular dog food. Our kitchen is almost entirely gluten-free, so we initially thought purchasing gluten-free dog food would be a no brainer.

And then we saw how much it costs.

So we settled on regular (gluten-filled) puppy food. My husband keeps some gluten items in the house, so we thought having dog food with gluten in it wouldn’t be THAT big of a deal. 

A few months into having Rue, we started rethinking our decision. What we didn’t realize is that unlike a dog, my husband is a human who can control his mess and prevent cross-contamination.

It turns out, Rue is a walking cross-contamination machine. I’m not kidding.

On a daily basis, she knocks food out of her bowl. Inevitably, someone ends up stepping on it, and crumbs travel all over the house.

This might not be a problem for some people, but I’ve been known to follow the 5-second rule more than once in my life. I don’t want to have to worry about eating something off the floor in my own home because my dog is a messy eater.

Not to mention the fact that Rue can’t hold her licker (she loves giving kisses), which is another way she causes cross-contamination.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that celiac disease is no joke. My health is important. We ended up switching Rue to gluten-free dog food, and I couldn’t feel better about the decision. It may be more expensive, but it is the right choice.

My house has returned to gluten-free harmony once again.

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