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Toffee-tastic Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookie Review

Gluten-Free Girl Scout cookies? I’m dreaming, right?

No. It’s not a dream. It’s real life!

After testing gluten-free cookies in limited markets during the 2013-14 cookie season, the Girl Scouts officially announced sales of gluten-free cookies nationwide this year.

Two varieties hit the market Toffee-tastic and Trios. The Toffee-tastic cookies were sold in select markets. Luckily, my neighborhood made the cut (yay!). The Trios were part of a ‘test market’ so they weren’t sold where I live this year. 

I ordered the Toffee-tastic Gluten-Free Girl Scout cookies from a friend’s daughter weeks ago and waited anxiously for them to come in.

I must admit, I’m not much of a toffee fan but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give the cookies a try. Plus, I’m all for supporting companies that cater to the gluten-free community. Thank you, Girl Scouts!

When the cookies came in I was sooo happy. I literally did a little dance around the house. Sometimes it just feels good to be a normal person.

Ordering Girl Scout cookies = normal.

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to eat Girl Scout cookies that I forgot what the whole experience was like. Wait … they come in sleeves? Oh yeah. Cute!

Upon first bite, I wasn’t sure what to think. They were pretty tasty but not quite what I expected. Though I admit, I had no idea what to expect.

The cookies were crunchy like other Girl Scout flavors. They paired well with milk. I wouldn’t say they are the best cookies I’ve had since going gluten-free but I’ve eaten two boxes in a week. That says something, right?

I will be ordering again next year, and I hope the Trios will be sold in my area. I think I could LOVE the peanut butter flavor.

All in all, I’m one happy gal.


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