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Sweet Christine’s Gluten-Free Product Review

June 29, 2014
I seem to be falling in love with gluten-free baked goods all across the United States. Recently, I got to taste some products from Sweet Christine's Gluten Free Bakery. I tried a cookie, brownie, sandwich bread, baguette and pizza crust. Everything was great!
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Ebenezer Foods Review

May 21, 2014
I stumbled upon Ebenezer Foods on Instagram at @EbenezerFoods a while back. Melissa, the founder, has a passion for food that inspired her to create a line of gourmet gluten-free baking mixes. We connected, and she decided to send me some of her products for review.
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Goldbaums Gluten-Free Products

November 16, 2013

The best thing happened to me recently. Goldbaums sent me some of their new gluten-free products, and I discovered gluten-free ice cream cones for the first time. That’s right. GLUTEN-FREE ICE CREAM CONES.

I was so excited. I hadn’t had an ice cream cone since going gluten-free. Goldbaums offers several different varieties – my favorite being the cocoa sugar cone.

It is nice to be able to enjoy foods that I once thought I wouldn’t be able to eat again. An ice cream cone was one of those things.

Goldbaums offers a lot of other gluten-free products. New to their collection are flatbread crisps and quinoa crisps. Be warned, the onion and garlic quinoa crisps are addicting. They are only 100 calories per bag, so they make for a great snack.

The flatbread crisps are also a yummy snack food. I prefer the french onion flavored flatbread crisps. However, I made the original flavor crisps into peanut butter sandwiches, and it was delicious.

To locate Goldbaums in a store near you, use their store locator. And thank you, Goldbaums, for introducing me to the wonderful world of gluten-free ice cream cones.

* I was provided the samples to review by Goldbaums. I was not required to write a positive feature. These are my own thoughts and experiences. 

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