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Gluten Confusion at the Hospital

August 29, 2016

You’d think hospitals would be among the safest places for gluten-free patients. Think again, my friends. It turns out *gasp* some hospitals are not particularly good at providing gluten-free options to celiac and gluten intolerant patients.

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Gluten-Free Pregnancy Cravings

May 4, 2016

In case you haven’t heard the news …

I’m pregnant – 30 weeks along to be exact!

You can thank my (all-day) morning sickness during the first trimester and exhaustion during the second trimester for the lack of recent blog posts, but here I am early in the third trimester and feeling pretty great.

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Why my dog eats gluten-free dog food

March 26, 2015
You may recall me mentioning my first born, Rue, a time or two. (Rue is our dog.) Believe it or not, her first birthday is coming up on April 2. Time really does fly by as a parent. Why, you might ask, am I writing about my dog on a gluten-free blog? read more
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Hey NASCAR, being gluten-free doesn’t make me soft

January 29, 2015
If you haven't heard, NASCAR's Super Bowl ad eludes to the fact that people who eat gluten-free are soft. I normally laugh this type of thing off, but this ad will be seen by over 100 million people. Perpetuating the stereotype that people who eat gluten-free are weak and dramatic in front of millions of viewers is not only distasteful, it's irresponsible. read more
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3 gluten-free products to look for in 2015

January 13, 2015
With the gluten-free industry growing rapidly, new gluten-free products will be hitting the shelves left and right year. Here are 3 gluten-free products to look for in 2015: 1. Pizza Hut announced its partnership with Udi's to offer Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) certified gluten-free pizza. read more
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Grab The Gold Snack Bar Product Review

November 11, 2014
I live a fairly active lifestyle (lately, a little less active than normal but that's beside the point). Busy people need fast and healthy snack options to help them keep up the pace of, well, life. Since going gluten-free, I've been searching for the perfect gluten-free snack bar. That's where the Grab The Gold Snack Bar comes into play. read more
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Gluten-Free Stereotypes

October 20, 2014
Everyone has certain stereotypes they use to categorize those of us who eat gluten-free. These gluten-free stereotypes range from annoying to accurate. This graphic pretty much sums it up for me, and I'm sure you can relate. What images in this graphic describe your experiences as a gluten-free eater? What would you add or change? read more
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Easy Pork Mango Tacos Recipe

October 14, 2014
Most days when I get home from work, the last thing I want to think about is making dinner. And I have a feeling you know what I'm talking about. My husband and I are always looking for quick and easy options to get food in our bellies before we eat our entire pantry of snacks. read more
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Why I adore the gluten-free trend.

August 28, 2014
I love the gluten-free trend. I said it. And I mean it. However, it seems most people with celiac disease don't agree. I've read post, after post, after post (you get the point) about why the gluten-free fad is bad. Though I highly respect all of these bloggers and their opinions, I could not disagree more. read more