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S’more Bites | Schar Gluten Free

Leaves are changing. Air is getting crisp. And fall fashion is out in full force. When Shar asked me to be part of its gluten-free S'more Shar campaign this fall, I jumped on the opportunity. Who doesn't want to eat chocolate, marshmallows and gluten-free graham crackers and then write about it? No friend of mine, that's who.

2-Year Anniversary: EdgeWild Restaurant & Winery Review

My husband and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary last week. We celebrate almost any special occasion with food, naturally, so we went to EdgeWild Restaurant & Winery, one of our favorite spots to eat in the St. Louis, Mo., area. We discovered EdgeWild Restaurant & Winery last year. Restaurants that do gluten-free dining well quickly move to the top of our 'favorites' list, so we've been back multiple times since. read more