PF Changs for my First Official Lunch Break

Last month, I found out that PF Changs has a killer gluten-free menu, so I have been dying to try it ever since. I have eaten at PF Changs before, but now that I am gluten-free I am always looking for new gluten-free menus. Luckily, there is a PF Changs 3 minutes away from my new job, so I knew it would only be a matter of time before I got the chance to eat there. Recently, my family friends offered to take me out for lunch and PF Changs was the obvious choice!


I decided to get the Spicy Chicken with brown rice from the gluten-free menu. Since I ordered the lunch meal, I also got to choose between a salad or soup. I got a ginger salad that was really good. This meal had more than enough food for me to eat, so I saved half for my lunch the next day. I was definitely impressed with my meal, because it was delicious and convenient. I love going to restaurants like this, because I do not feel deprived or out of place. Also, they bring out all gluten-free dishes on a plate with their logo. This way, you know you are eating something gluten-free and that there was no mix-up in the kitchen, which was a real selling point for me.


A word of caution: Make sure you get the gluten-free sauce dish, because the normal sauces are not gluten-free. Also, watch to make sure your waiter does not mix the sauces with the same spoon he used in the regular sauce dish.

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