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Gluten-Free Lipstick – Now We Are Talking!

Maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle involves more than just eating gluten-free. Other factors come into play – such as, lipstick.

It may not be something that comes to mind for most gluten-free folks, but it’s really important. I mean, you put it on your lips, people.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to find quality gluten-free lipstick.

When my good friend told me about LipSense, I was intrigued. A gluten-free lipstick that stays on all day, doesn’t smudge and looks great? I needed to see what all the hype is about.

I went with the color Blu-Red, because when I wear lipstick I like you to know it ;).

All in all, I was very impressed. You could say I’m a believer! The lipstick stayed on throughout my entire date and well into the evening.

If you’d like to give this gluten-free lipstick a try, contact my girl Samantha Trimble – Independent SeneGence Distributor #255722 – at Sam’s Saucy Lips.

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