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Gluten-Free Pregnancy Cravings

In case you haven’t heard the news …

I’m pregnant – 30 weeks along to be exact!

You can thank my (all-day) morning sickness during the first trimester and exhaustion during the second trimester for the lack of recent blog posts, but here I am early in the third trimester and feeling pretty great.

Photo by BenandBeccalee
Photo by BenandBeccalee |

Before I was pregnant, I wondered what it would be like to combat cravings while maintaining a gluten-free lifestyle. All the wives tales make it sound like it’s impossible to resist pregnancy cravings. I feared waking up in the middle of the night with an irresistible urge to eat my favorite pizza, pasta and breads from my pre-gluten-free days.

For the most part, my pregnancy cravings haven’t been all that bad. I mostly crave things I can eat – with the exception of Taco Bell, which I have begrudgingly resisted. I used to love double cheesy beef burritos and crunchy beef fresco style tacos … but I digress.

Out of all the strange things I have wanted to eat in the past 7 months, my top five gluten-free pregnancy cravings have been:

1.  Chocolate milk

And not the kind you make with the syrup or powder. I’m talking about the delicious, creamy, pre-made kind. This was especially true when I went through a weird phase when water tasted awful. I hate to admit it, but I even poured chocolate milk over my cereal some mornings.

2.  Gala and Fuji apples

I hadn’t actually purchased an apple from the grocery store in over 4 years (sad, I know). I sort of got tired of them after college, because I used to take one from the cafeteria for an afternoon snack every single day. Now, I buy apples every week and am back to eating at least one a day.

3.  Salad with ranch dressing

For some reason, all I wanted to eat for a brief period of time during my second trimester was a cob salad, minus the hard-boiled eggs. The ranch dressing especially appealed to me (and still does). I decided to ditch the fat-free stuff that I’d normally eat early on and have been indulging the real deal ever since. I may never go back.

4.  Ice cream (duh)

Stereotypical, I know. Ice cream was another thing I rarely bought at the grocery store before that has become a weekly staple. And, thankfully, my husband knows better than to eat the last of the tub. It’s mine.

5.  Brazi Bites

These Brazilian cheese bread bites were something I discovered a year ago when I was giving away goodies for Celiac Awareness Month. I started craving them like crazy when I got pregnant. They’re so cheesy and delightful. I’ve been enjoying them mostly as an after work snack but have been happy to add them as a side dish to any meal.

avila_brazi bites 101

All in all, I’d say I’ve been pretty lucky so far with my cravings. I haven’t wanted anything too off-the-wall … yet. I guess we’ll see what these next few months bring.

For all you moms out there, did you experience pregnancy cravings? What were they?

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