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Gluten-Free Pizza Place

I have spent years avoiding pizza, because it caused me upset stomach. Once I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, one of the ONLY things I was excited about was knowing that I would be able to enjoy eating pizza again, as long as it was made with gluten-free crust. I have been looking forward to eating my first pizza since my diagnosis. Recently, I have struggled to find a pizza place that serves gluten-free pizza. I have not found a single chain restaurant that offers gluten-free pizza, which is really disappointing for me. I was hoping to have the opportunity to order gluten-free pizza and get it delivered to my house. However, a friend of mine told me about a pizza place in Springfield, MO, Cravin’ Pizza, that has a gluten-free pizza option. I was thrilled! I could not wait to try it out.

gluten-free pizza
gluten-free pizza

This weekend, one of my girlfriends was in town for Best Friend’s Weekend for one of our other friend’s sorority. She has recently adopted a gluten-free lifestyle to try to regulate her frequent upset stomach, so when she was hungry for lunch, I recommended checking out this pizza place. All four of us girls celebrating Best Friend’s Weekend agreed, and so we were off to try out Cravin’ Pizza.

Although I had already ate lunch, I was super excited to try a piece of their pizza. This was a great chance for me to see if this restaurant was one I would like to come back to. The girls ordered two pizzas. One was cheese and the other was a tomato, mozzarella and basil. The restaurant only offered gluten-free crust in 9 inch, which was the perfect size for us. Both of my two friends ate her entire 9 inch pizza and was fully satisfied after.

The cheese pizza was 6 dollars, and the tomato, mozzarella and basil pizza was around 8 dollars. Both were affordable and worth the money. The service was fast, considering we were the only customers in the restaurant at the time. I definitely plan to go back, and I recommend anyone else looking for a gluten-free option in the Springfield area to check out Cravin’ Pizza. This restaurant is also great for anyone looking to eat at a local restaurant or searching for a healthier pizza option.

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4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Pizza Place

  1. Morgan, thank you for telling me that! I looked into it, Godfather’s pizza here does not offer gluten-free pizza. However, the ones in KC do, so now I have a good option for when I visit Bryson’s hometown. And Andrea, I have not made the pizza yet. We are waiting for a time when we can come over and make it with you guys. After eating this pizza, I am reminded how much I love it. Hopefully we can come over when Bryson is back from his meet!

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