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Girls With Gluten Annoy Me

I’m surrounded by girls (and guys) who eat gluten on a regular basis. I used to love gluten. Pizza, cookies, bread, pasta and cake made my world go ’round.

Until, of course, I was forced to cut gluten from my diet due to a serious medical condition — celiac disease.

Thus, I find all girls with gluten annoying and the @girlswithgluten Instagram account even more annoying.

I appreciate the intended purpose of the account. It encourages girls to live a little and indulge in delicious food rather than fall victim to surrounding pressure to act and look a certain way.

Preach it sisters!

With that said, the account missed the mark. Why didn’t they go with @girlswithfood, @girlfoodies or @girlswithoutguilt. (All those account names are available — I checked — so go get ’em.)

What does gluten have to do with it?

Just because food is gluten-free doesn’t mean it’s healthy, and food made from gluten isn’t necessarily unhealthy.

I’ve found, the person behind the account isn’t aware of this distinction (they don’t even know what gluten is for that matter). The account recently shared a picture of a celebrity devouring french fries and another photo of a beautiful girl enjoying wine using the hashtag #girlswithgluten.

Screen shot 2015-07-31 at 10.30.47 AM

Those things are gluten-free. Thank goodness.

The account @girlswithgluten unintentionally (I’m sure) makes me insecure. I feel like I’m back in elementary school on the playground getting left out of a game, or I’m back in high school with all the cool girls mocking me for not dressing like them.

All the pretty girls are doing it, and I’m over here like …

With this account, girls across the globe are perpetuating the very problem they are trying to abolish. The support this account gained in such a short amount of time places a negative stigma on those of us who eat gluten-free. It’s an added pressure the gluten-free community doesn’t need.

I’m not a fan.

What are your thoughts on @girslwithoutgluten? Are you offended or do you think its funny? 

Also, can we make the hashtag #girlswithoutgluten a thing?

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