2-Year Anniversary: EdgeWild Restaurant & Winery Review

My husband and I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary last week. We celebrate almost any special occasion with food, naturally, so we went to EdgeWild Restaurant & Winery, one of our favorite spots to eat in the St. Louis, Mo., area.

We discovered the gluten-free menu at EdgeWild Restaurant & Winery last year. Restaurants that do gluten-free dining well quickly move to the top of our ‘favorites’ list, so we’ve been back multiple times since.

The food is a little pricey. However, we think the food and atmosphere are well worth the cost, especially on a special occasion and considering they have so many delicious gluten-free options.

For our appetizer, we ordered the Mediterranean Hummus (my hubby’s favorite). They substituted pita bread with veggies. We finished the veggies before the hummus, so our waitress brought us more veggies. It was so good, we ate every last bite.


For the main course, I’m always torn between ordering the Chicken & Brie sandwich or the Javelina Chicken sandwich. I decided to go with the Javelina Chicken sandwich, which is made with chardonnay marinated chicken breast, grilled with white cheddar, thick cut bacon, roasted red peppers and cilantro lime-aioli on Andrea’s multigrain roll.

It tasted just as good, actually better, than it looks.


I swapped out the slaw side for a Napa Valley salad, which contains field greens, roasted pears and blue cheese tossed in rich fig balsamic.

Since we were celebrating, the waitress brought us a complimentary flourless chocolate cake for dessert (pictured above). I’m a huge chocolate fan, so I loved it. It was the perfect size to split. Very rich and creamy.

Overall, we always have great experiences dining at EdgeWild Restaurant & Winery. It’s a fabulous place to go when you’re wanting to treat yourself to a night out. I feel safe eating there, and the staff seem knowledgable about gluten-free dining. Our waitress asked if I have a gluten allergy or if it’s just something I’m avoiding, which let’s me know they take special precautions to avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen.

As always, talk to your waiter or waitress and use your best judgement when eating out.

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