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Celiac Mentor Program: Join me in making the celiac community a better place

As you may know, I recently finished my master’s program.

post graduation selfie
post graduation selfie

The program’s final requirement was a thesis paper. My topic was near and dear to my heart – celiac disease.

I posted a survey for my thesis paper a while back on my social media accounts for my followers with celiac disease to complete. Turns out, my findings were so strong that I’ve decided make my thesis into a reality.

Maybe I’m crazy.

Yes, I’m definitely crazy.

My research found 82% of people with celiac disease said it would have been beneficial to know someone else with celiac disease when they were diagnosed, and 94% of people said they would be “very” or “somewhat” willing to mentor someone newly diagnosed with celiac disease.

This is why I’ve decided to establish a non-profit, nationwide Celiac Mentor Program. The program will pair celiacs who have years of experience (mentors) with newly diagnosed celiacs (mentees) based on age, location and other similarities.

The Celiac Mentor Program will be different from support groups that are already available in the community. This program will facilitate one-on-one connections between folks with celiac disease, to ensure each participant gets the kind of personal attention they need to cope and adjust, provide rewarding relationships for both the mentor and mentee.

Whether you’re a newly diagnosed celiac, someone diagnosed years ago, or family or friend of someone with celiac disease, you know how challenging the transition to a gluten-free lifestyle can be. Join me in forming a community focused on helping one another and reducing the frustration and anxiety that comes with this disease.

Please support this program and the celiac community: Every donation will make a difference!


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