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12 Days of Gluten-Free Giveaways, Day 6: ALDI liveGfree

Today’s Celiac Awareness Month giveaway is sponsored by my one true love (in grocery store form) – ALDI.

For those of you who are not familiar, ALDI is different from other grocery stores because they pride themselves on saving customers money. According to ALDI’s site, they do everything possible from their carts to checkout to energy-saving stores to give you incredibly high quality at impossibly low prices.

I’ve always appreciated ALDI for saving me money, but last year my feelings transformed from appreciation to a straight-up love affair when they started offering liveGfree, a gluten-free line at affordable prizes.

The ALDI liveGfree line consists of everything from bread to frozen meals and pasta to tortillas. A portion of their product line is pictured above, but there still other items not pictured. This line isn’t just affordable, it tastes amazing too.

ALDI’s liveGfree bread is by far, without a doubt, no comparison, my favorite gluten-free bread. I will go grocery shopping at ALDI for the week just to get the bread. No joke. The slices are bigger and the bread is softer. A winning combination in the gluten-free world.

They’ve also won me over with their frozen Gluten-Free Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Sandwiches (a.k.a. microwavable pizza pockets).


Along with ALDI’s liveGfree brand, all the other products in the store that are gluten-free are labeled “naturally gluten-free.” This label can be found on chips, cheese, meat, etc. Everything that is gluten-free has the label. It’s so convenient when shopping. If it doesn’t have the label, I know I can’t get it.

The "naturally gluten-free" label is near the bottom righthand corner of this marina sauce jar.
The “naturally gluten-free” label is near the bottom righthand corner of this marina sauce jar.

All in all, ALDI is a dream grocery store for the gluten-free community. Enter to win a $25 ALDI gift certificate below.

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