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3 gluten-free products to look for in 2015

With the gluten-free industry growing rapidly, new gluten-free products will be hitting the shelves left and right this year. Here are three gluten-free products to look for in 2015:

1.  Pizza Hut is partnering with Udi’s to offer certified gluten-free pizza.
The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) certified gluten-free pizza will launch Jan. 26. This will be the first fast food chain to offer a certified gluten-free pizza. It will be offered in 2,400 locations nationwide. According to Pizza Hut’s website, “the Udi’s® Certified Gluten-Free crust is stored in a separate container, on a separate shelf in our fridge. The cheese, marinara sauce and pepperoni are stored in a gluten-free designated kit, and every gluten-free pizza is freshly baked on designated parchment paper in our ovens. In addition to these storage techniques, team members who make your gluten-free pizza wear gloves and even use a designated gluten-free pizza cutter to cut your pizza to perfection.”

Photo credit: Udi's Gluten-Free
Photo credit: Udi’s Gluten-Free

2.  For the first time in history, the Girl Scouts are offering gluten-free cookies nationwide.
The two new Girl Scout gluten-free cookie offerings include: Toffee-tastic, buttery cookies with toffee bits, and Trios, made with real peanut butter, chocolate chips, and whole grain oats. I already ordered two boxes. I can’t wait to try them!

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

3.  Coors beer will offer a gluten-free option.
The maker of Coors Light and Miller Lite is launching its first gluten-free beer in Portland and Seattle this February, calling it Coors Peak. The label states that the product is naturally gluten-free. Since Coors Light was my favorite beer before going gluten-free, I’m especially excited to try this product.


What new gluten-free products are you looking forward to trying in 2015?

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