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6 Things Gluten-Free People Explain on a Daily Basis

1.  If I’m putting it in my mouth, it’s because I can eat it. I didn’t forget I’m gluten-free. There are tons of naturally gluten-free foods – cheese, veggies, fruit, potatoes, beans, rice, meat, corn, etc.

2.  When I pass up appetizers or rolls at a restaurant, it’s not because I’m watching my figure. It’s because I have to. Don’t judge me for it. I’m gluten-free.

3.  I can’t drink a normal beer with you. No matter what. Stop asking.

4.  Having a cheat meal is not an option. It’s not even something I consider.

5.  Gluten-free does not necessarily mean healthy. Sure, there are a lot of healthy gluten-free options, but there are also a lot of unhealthy options.

6.  Being gluten-free is not the same as being vegan. There are similarities, but they are not the same thing. I eat meat.

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