The face of celiac disease

After putting some thought into it, I've determined I'm the face of celiac disease. And so are you (if you have celiac disease, of course). My point is, celiac disease has many faces. You can't look at someone and tell they have celiac disease, which can be a blessing or a curse. Sometimes, if people can't see your disease, its not real to them.. read more

Gluten-Free English Muffin Pizza

Have you heard? Glutino has gluten-free English muffins! And they are tasty. I know. I know. They've had gluten-free English muffins for a while now but they are new-to-me, and I'm thrilled about it. English muffins weren't really something I knew I loved until I couldn't eat them anymore when I went gluten-free. read more

Hey NASCAR, being gluten-free doesn’t make me soft

If you haven't heard, NASCAR's Super Bowl ad eludes to the fact that people who eat gluten-free are soft. I normally laugh this type of thing off, but this ad will be seen by over 100 million people. Perpetuating the stereotype that people who eat gluten-free are weak and dramatic in front of millions of viewers is not only distasteful, it's irresponsible. read more